We have a small bakery based in rural Lancashire.  Each one of our pies is hand crafted and baked with love by our small team of experienced pie makers and butchers.  We focus on using traditional pie making methods, whilst adding a contemporary twist to our gourmet pies.


Pork pies are our speciality - hence the name, Pigs in Pastry!  Our dedicated pie makers create the scrumptious hot water pastry that encases our free range pork filling.  The filling is put together by our experienced, in-house butcher, who uses his award winning recipe and many years of experience to create a mouthwateringly delicious pork pie meat.  It's left to our pie makers to assemble each pie by hand.  Once assemebled, each pie is then baked, cooled and jellied.


The making of our hot eating pies is very similar.  Our in-house butcher expertly cuts and trims the meat that is used to create our delicious pie fillings. We never rush the cooking process.  The meat is cooked slowly to ensure succulence. 

Our hot eating pies are available to buy baked or unbaked.  It's our own personal belief that nothing beats the smell, texture and taste of a freshly baked pie!  With this in mind, we always recommend to our customers that they buy our hot eating pies unbaked, so that they can enjoy the full Pigs in Pastry Pie experience at home.