Wherever possible, we use locally sourced fresh and dry ingredients to create our delicious pork pies, gourmet pork pies, hot eating pies and quiches.


Our pork pies are made using only the finest quality ingredients, including 100% free range pork.  Animal welfare is something that the Pigs in Pastry Pie Making Team is very passionate about.  We believe that happy and contented pigs produce the best quality pork. 

Our gourmet pork pies are topped with English Stilton, organic leeks, Lancashire cheeses and homemade pickles, to name but a few.


Like our pork pies, our hot eating pies are also made using the finest quality ingredients.  We source grass fed beef and lamb from our local farmer and Maris Piper potatoes from the fields of West Lancashire.


We use local free range eggs, full fat milk and local cream to create a thick, creamy egg custard mixture, which we use to fill  our lovely pastry bases.  We flavour our quiches and tarts with a wide range of ingredients, including our own dry-cured back bacon, locally sourced onions, our award winning sausages, Lancashire cheeses, authentic Spanish Chorizo......the list goes on.