Frequently Asked Questions

Q)  Where do you deliver?

A) We are able to offer delivery to all addresses in England, Wales and the Scottish mainland from Aberdeen southwards. Delivery costs are extremely high in other areas; therefore, we cannot deliver elsewhere.  Currently, we do not offer shipping overseas.

Q)  How much is delivery?

A) Spends under £75 incur a delivery cost of £10.  This is to cover the cost of shipping and the cost of packaging; the special cooling packaging that we use to keep your products in tip top condition is very expensive.  Spends over £75 are delivered free of charge.

Unfortunately, there is a minimum spend of £20 on all orders that require delivery.

Q)  How will my order arrive?

A) Your order will be delivered by our trusted 24 hour courier, and will be packed in an insulated box, which has been designed especially for chilled food delivery.  For more information about our packaging, please read our Packaging Information Page.

Q)  Do I need to sign for the delivery?

A) Ideally, yes.  However, our courier is happy to leave your package in a safe place, as instructed.  If you are unlikely to be at home on the day that your delivery is due to arrive, please leave clear instructions for our courier.  Please note: If these instructions are provided and our courier cannot obtain a signature to confirm the delivery of the order, it will be left at the customer's own risk.  We accept no liability for its loss or damage. 

Q)  Can I send a Pigs in Pastry order as a gift?

A)  Of course!  Our pork pies and gift boxes make lovely gifts for friends and loved ones.  During the checkout process, you will be asked if the delivery address is different to the billing address.  If you are sending a gift, please remember to enter the correct delivery address! 

Q)  For how long will your pork pies stay fresh?

A)  Our cold eating pies are freshly baked on the morning of dispatch.  For the best pie experience possible, consume within two days of arrival.  Keep the pies refrigerated and away from raw food products.  Always use within four days of arrival.

Q)  Can your pork pies be frozen?

A)  Our cold eating pies can be frozen, but it's best to do this as soon as they arrive.  For best results, consume within three months.  Always defrost in the fridge, and ensure that the product is fully defrosted before tucking in!

Q)  Can I re-heat your pork pies?

A)  We don't recommend re-heating our pork pies.  They are best served chilled.

Q) What about your hot eating pies? Can they be frozen?

We believe that all hot eating pies are at their best when eaten fresh from the oven!  With that in mind, our hot eating pies are dispatched un-baked and frozen.

On arrival, these pies should be placed in the refrigerator.  If they have started to thaw, they cannot be re-frozen.  Always bake within three days of arrival. 

If they are still frozen upon arrival and you wish to freeze them, please do so immediately and consume within three months.  All pies can be frozen once baked.  Again, for best results, consume within three months.

Q)  How do I bake your hot eating pies?

A)  Bake in the oven at 180oc / gas mark 4 until the pastry is baked and the filing is piping hot. 

Q)  For how long will your pies stay fresh once baked?

A)  For the best pie eating experience possible, eat fresh from the oven!  Always consume within three days.

Q)  Can you bake my pies for me?

A)  Of course we can!  If you would prefer to receive your pies ready baked, please make a note during the checkout process and we will happily bake them for you!