Create Your Own Pork Pie

Tired of giving typical gifts: flowers, chocolates, mugs and socks (to name just a few)?  We may be able to help.

Why not give an alternative gift?   Create Your Own Pork Pie and send it to a loved one, friend or colleague!

Who doesn't love pork pies? 


1) You start off with the base - one of our award winning pork pies (minus the lid).

2) Choose a topping - we have lots to choose from. 

3) If you're feeling adventurous, choose a second topping. 

4) If you're feeling REALLY adventurous, choose a third topping.

Voila!  Your pie has been created!

It's now our job to handcraft your pie and send it to you, or the lucky recipient directly.

Each handmade, freshy baked pie is neatly presented in a Pigs in Pastry gift box.  You can also add a personal message with our complimentary gift card service.

Each gift box contains 6 pies (160g minimum weight per pie). 

Choose your toppings

Topping 1

Topping 2

Topping 3

total Price: £12.00