Breakfast & Supper Collection

Breakfast and supper in one box!  We've combined our butchery and baking skills to create this delicious Breakfast & Supper Collection.  You can also add a personal message with our complimentary gift card service.

For Breakfast........

500g Dry Cured Back Bacon

Our Dry-Cured Back Bacon is produced by our in-house butcher using an award winning recipe.  It's not too salty, there's no added water (no shrinkage!) and it's made from 100% free range pork.

8 Free Range Pork Sausages (minimum weight 280g)

Like our Bacon, our Pork Sausages are made by our in-house butcher using an award wining recipe.  We use the finest quality rusks and seasonings along with quality cuts of free range pork to produce sausages that are simply delicious.

For Supper.......

This box contains three of our favourite pies, each in a size that is perfect for sharing with family and friends.  To compliment the pies perfectly, we've added three of our favourite pickle jars.

1 x Large Traditional Pork Pie

Our classic Pork Pie is an award winner!  A simple pie that's simply delicious.

1 x Large Ploughman's Pork Pie

Our award winning pork pie topped with a generous layer of mature cheddar cheese and a big dollop of homemade pickle. 

1 x Large Pork, Beetroot & Stilton  Pie

This is one of our most popular speciality pork pies. Our award winning Pork Pie topped with a big dollop of homemade beetroot chutney and a generous layer of English Stilton to finish.  Truly indulgent!

1 x Mrs Darlington's Farmers Pickle

A delicious pickle packed full of vegetables, Kent Bramley apples, sugar, mustard and spices.

1 x Mrs Darlington's Piccalilli

A tangy chutney made with an array of mixed vegetables, mustard and spices. Fabulous with picnic pies, ham and strong cheeses.

1 x Mrs Darlington's Sweet Apple Chutney

Packed full of Bramley apples, sugar, sultanas, onions and spices.  This chutney compliments pork and cheeses perfectly.

Allergens: cereals containing glutencelerymilkmustard and sulphites. 

Please note: ALL products made by Pigs in Pastry are made in an environment where traces of nutscereals containing glutencelerymilkegg, seseme, mustard and sulphur dioxide (sulphites) may be present.  


*Serving suggestion.

PRICE: £28.50