Two's Company, Three's a Feast!

Three of our large speciality pork pies, three jars of delicious chutney/pickle, three blocks of lovely Lancashire cheese, and a packet of Lancashire Biscuits to finish!

In more detail.......


1 x Large Traditional Pork

1 x Large Ploughman's

1 x Pork with Beetroot & English Stilton

Approximate weight per pie is 450g.

Chutney & Pickles

1 x Farmer's Pickle

1 x Sweet Apple Chutney

1 x Beetroot Chutney

Lancashire Cheeses

1 x Crumbly Lancashire (200g)

1 x Tasty Lancashire (200g)

1 x Creamy Lancashire (200g)

Lancashire Biscuits

1 x Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding (150g)

PRICE: £33.00